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This poster was created for the

City of Nashua's Spring Music Festival.

Here you can see the process from

pencil to color to placing the image and incorporating the graphics into Illustrator. 

Don Higgins Illustration • Derry NH • 603-203-5873

Don Higgins


These two illustrations were created for NE Docs, Manchester NH.  The first image was intended for the heading of their news blog.  The second a cartoon for the company newsletter illustrating what to do with excess amounts of office paper.

Created for historic Hollman Stadium; Nashua NH. These 8'x 12' banners were created in Pencil and then scanned into Photoshop.  The files were then digitally colorized using the iPad Pro and iPencil; utilizing ProCreate. 

The images are on permanent display at the stadium

8.5 x 11 Prints and Baseball Cards were also made from the art.