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CREATOR OF Ha'Penny Pie an 1879 Webcomic

CREATOR OF Horsefly Adventures

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ART LEAD for  The Heroes of Altimara 

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​Don Higgins Illustration in Derry

I primarily work in classic or traditional mediums; including: Pencil, Ink, Markers, Watercolor, , and or mixed mediums.

As I said; I primarily  work traditionally, but I can then colorize and create digitally using the iPad Pro, iPencil, and ProCreate and or Photoshop

And then finish everything off with my graphics background working with Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. 


              MY ART OF  BOOK.  

365 is an artistic challenge I took in 2016.  To improve my Creature and Character Concept Sketching.  This book chronicles that effort.

Towards the back of the book there are backstories based upon hand selected concept sketches by authors like Tim Kask, Andre Kruppa, Mark Edwards, Stephen Lee, and more. 

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Don Higgins